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one two grant offers researchers individualised funding advice for research and innovation projects. In confidential one-to-one meetings, we explore relevant funding programmes, identify opportunities and develop an action plan for your project. With more than 25 years of experience in publicly funded projects, we guarantee that you will benefit from a meeting with our experts.


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"Thanks to the one-to-one meeting with Jeanette at one of her workshops at Dublin City University our EAGLE project took off"

Prof. Dr. Sabine Moebs, Scientific Coordinator of the EAGLE project and now full Professor at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Germany.

Take Home

Your take-home tools from the one two grant meeting:


Contact person for your questions


Individual advice


Overview of Horizon 2020


Suggestions for funding programms


Summary of the meeting


Future steps



Our Experts

Dr. Jeanette Müller

CEO, accelopment AG

  • Over 20 years of experience in the acquisition of funding
  • Expertise in R&D and innovation projects
  • Management of numerous publicly funded projects
  • Focus: Life Sciences incl. Medical Engineering, ICT and Manufacturing


Dr. Johannes Ripperger

Research & Innovation Manager, accelopment AG

  • Extensive experience in the management of EU projects
  • Active since 2008 as a research manager in the private sector
  • Track record of successfully supporting researchers in acquiring and managing EU research funding
  • Focus: Energy, Environment und Materials


Mr. Marco Cavallaro

Research and Innovation Associate, accelopment AG

  • Broad knowledge of EU funding opportunities
  • Experience in the acquisition and management of EU R&D grants
  • Focus: ICT, Biotechnologies and Social Sciences





University of Leicester

Programme: Horizon 2020

Budget: 6.5 million euro

Area: Health

Idea: New treatment strategy for cardio-vascular patients.


Project: EAGLE

Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg

Programme: 7th Framework programme of the European Union

Budget: 3.2 million euro

Area: ICT

Idea: Creating a novel yet flexible and cost-effective EAGLE Open Learning Platform and Services adapted for rural local governments.


"Researchers working at universities or other research institutions as well as companies of any size, and from virtually any research area or business activity can participate in EU funded research and innovation or training and education project."

Dr. Jeanette Müller, CEO at accelopment AG.

The Funding Programmes

Over 200 European EU funding schemes, including the following five, and even more national public programmes offer grants:

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the EU's biggest research and innovation programme to date, with a budget of nearly €80 billion, funding innovation projects in virtually all areas.


Eurostars is a co-joint funding programme of EUREKA and the EU. It supports ready-to-market R&D projects led by innovative small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


The European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) strengthens EU research and innovation by connecting high-quality scientific communities and funding networking activities.


Erasmus+ supports development and networking activities, strategic improvement of professional skills, organisational capacity building and transnational cooperative partnerships.

3rd EU Health Programme

Complementary to Horizon 2020, the 3rd EU Health Programme aims to promote good practices for cost-effective disease prevention and contribute to innovative, efficient and sustainable health systems.


"EU funding programmes offer substantial financial, personnel and research support to universities, companies and other eligible organisations."

Dr. Johannes Ripperger, Research & Innovation Manager at accelopment AG.

Our Services

accelopment can support you from idea to implementation. Our full range of services cover:

  Funding Advice

Individual Guidance Upon request we organise one-to-one meetings for you with our expert to discuss and receive suggestions of suitable solutions.

Stratecig grant planning Together we help you find relevant funding programmes, identifying opportunities and developing a strategic and operational action plan for your project ideas.

Workshop In this hands on workshop you can profit from more than 20 years of experience.


  Proposal preparation

Proposal writing We can support you with the administrative tasks such as the online registry of your proposal or the calculating of the project budget.

Grant Agreement Preparation After your proposal is accepted for funding, we will guide you through all the initial steps to give you a headstart in your project.


  Project Management

Support If you are looking for a EU-Projektmanager who takes care of the administration, the organisation, the project budget, the reporting and many more, then look no further.

Communication We help you disseminate and exploit your project results. We plan and implement communication activities targeted at your stakeholders.



7 August 2019 Funding News

For 2020, there is still a total of €403 million funding available for Transport across 27 call topics.

12 August 2019 Funding News

Last week, the British Prime Minister made an announcement which included a mention on the UK’s immediate future in Horizon 2020.

15 September 2019 Funding News

We compared the newest versions of the Guide for Applicants for the MSCA ITN 2020 call to their previous version and collected all the changes fo you.



Where does the meeting take place?

We are flexible regarding the location, you can visit us in Zurich or we can travel on your request. The interview is conducted face to face.

Do I need to have experience in EU funding programmes?

You don't have to be experienced to benefit from the consultation. The one two grant meetings are specifically designed to give you an initial insight into the wide range of funding options available.

Should I prepare myself for the meeting?

No preparation is necessary. One of our experts will get in touch with you before the one two grant meeting to gather preliminary information about your project. If you already have a project outline, this will help us to suggest the appropriate funding programmes.

How high are my chances at success?

This is dependent on three main factors:

Funding programme; Not every topic from every funding programme has the same chances of success, this depends on the number of applicants and the funds available.Competition; Some topics are more competitive than others, so your project needs to stand out more to be eligible for funding.Project; innovative ideas and a clean and structured project presentation increase your chances at success, accelopment can help you achieve this goal.

How much effort is a EU-project application?

The funding programme and your role within the project determin your effort. Normally, an average effort of 2-6 weeks is to be expected for a project application.

How much funding will I receive?

This cannot be determined in general. The amount results from the effective project costs, the funding quota and the funding programme. Depending on the funding programme, the funding rate is often between 50% and 100% of the project-related costs.

Who owns the project results?

The project results belong to the partner who developed them. In the case of cooperation between the partners, a contractual agreement is made individually. The EU is not entitled to your results.

What gets funded?

Mainly research and development. The main investments are personnel and material costs, as well as depreciation on used machinery. The subsidies are not used to pay out wage increases or to purchase new equipment.

When can I start my project?

Depending on the speed of evaluation, your project will usually start 3-12 months after submission of your application if it is approved. More detailed time specifications may vary depending on the funding programme.

Are one two grant consultations confidential?

Your results are confidential from the first phone call with accelopment about your project. We will sign a letter of confidentality.

How can accelopment help me?

During the one two grant meeting we will help you find the right funding programme for your project. Furthermore, accelopment can assist you during the whole project with our various services. Profit from our many years of experience and find in us a trustworthy partner you can rely on.

How much does the meeting cost?

Half a day of work will be charged. This includes the preparation for your individual meeting, the actual meeting as well as the summary with concrete tips and your personal financial proposals.




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